[misc] [HOWTO] mail agenda


I use calcurse mostly at work; it runs on the university's server.
At home I can access this server, but as long as my anticipated
Libreboot X200 has not arrived the easiest would be to go to the cold
home office to boot up the old desktop computer, ssh to the server and
start calcurse (or attach to a tmux session).

I have my Android-based phone at hand, and it would be great to glue
calcurse with an Android calendar app through a calendar server (say,
radicale), but that takes time to set up and testing.  It's one of
these things that I keep on postponing.

Since I strictly just want to see my agenda in the morning for the day
or in the evening for the next day, I e-mail it to myself (pops up on
the phone).  On the university server I have a shell script named
calcurse-mail containing

    calcurse -d 2 | mail -s AGENDA `whoami`

(last argument can be a complete e-mail address as well; note that over
time, network and mail server administrators or other actors will have a
complete view of your daily life), which I run every morning from

    0 7 * * * $HOME/bin/calcurse-mail

I do this via a script because it appears that crontab doesn't pipe


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