Re: [misc] Location from .ics and IRC

On Mon, 26 Aug 2019 at 09:23:59, Adam Procio wrote:
> Similar ideas have been discussed several times before. Another possible
> > implementation involves adding headers/footers to notes, such as:
> >
> >     This is the note text.
> >     --
> >     Cc: John Doe
> >     Location: Mexico City, Mexico
> >
> That would mean I'd have to display the note at all times, which kind of
> defeats the purpose of it (can't do long notes that way). Is there even a
> way to display the note in the UI as part of the appointment entry?

No, it doesn't.

We can parse the note and do whatever we want with the data (e.g.
extract the location and display it in the appointments panel).