[misc] Feature request: labels/masking appointments


I have an agenda for work and one for my private life, at least in an
abstract sense, and rougly.  Both are factually in the same calcurse
agenda ~/.calcurse/{apts,todo}.  This works, but as my life is sort of
split in at least two categories, it would be useful to mask out one or
more categories and not be distracted by those.  So when I'm at work, I
want to be able to mask out "private" appointments.

Why then not have two different agenda's?  There are good reasons to
have only one agenda:

1. to have an overview of your whole day;
2. to avoid double appointments (especially when flexible work hours);
3. work and private are not always well seperated, so you will miss
appointments if you have multiple agenda's.

I would think of something like labels (personal, private,
administration, unimportant, ...) with which one could mask or unmask
certain types of appointments when one feels the need.

Could this be easily done in the existing calcurse code?

Are there alternative approaches to the issue?