Re: [misc] Feedback

Yes, both searching inside calcurse and advanced recurrence modes would be nice.
I have an appointment every week on Mo, We, Fr - it is currently set to repeat
every 2 days and I have to copy-paste it and delete the old one at the end of
every week.

Otherwise calcurse is great, I love how lightweight and fast it is. Didn't try
caldav sync yet.

On Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 09:10:43PM -0400, Donnie Dauphin wrote:

I like it as it is.  A couple of thoughts since you asked.

I'm not the best at reading through the literature so if I mention a missing
feature that is actually already there, sorry for my ignorance.

--How do I search?  Currently I use grep on ~/.calcurse/apts. This works
pretty good but some search feature in calcurse itself wouldn't be all bad.

--For events that happen on the second Tuesday of every month, for example, I
don't know how to enter them short of a bash script or just manually typing
them in. Someone shared a bash script with me for creating these appointments.

If your curious the way I use it now is pretty standard stuff with perhaps a
couple exceptions.
--A script texts (via email) my schedule each morning at 6:00. I fire this
script via a cronjob.
cc_myvar=`/usr/local/bin/calcurse -r1 --format-apt='%S - %m\n'`
#echo -e "$cc_size"
#echo -e "$cc_myvar"
if (( $cc_size > 2 ));
       echo -e "$cc_myvar" | mail -s "Reminders" 1111111111@xxxxxxxxxxx
--calcurse sends me email notifications 15 minutes before my appointments
using its notification feature.
--I keep calcurse running on a server in a screen session. I am attached to it
most of the day in a 96 * 28 window in the upper right corner of my desktop.
--The ability to create notes attached to any appointment or task is AWESOME!
I use this feature a lot! It allows me editing via my default and and the
worlds best ever text editor VIM. :)

Thanks again for your hard work!