[misc] calcurse git 7b81e69 and current OpenBSD patches to consider - strftime

Hi all,

I took git commit 7b81e69a19913b4d8c830bda8d988f8fc8391b21, exported
tarball archive with it and tried to compile it on OpenBSD -current.

OpenBSD provides 4.3.0 package for calcurse. You can see port files
at GitHub mirror:


In `patches` subdirectory there are multiple patches against 4.3.0
source code. Some of them I deem obsolete against git 7b81e69. There
are few which are still applicable. This email is about:


Which I'm inlining here. OpenBSD developers are trying to push their
patches upstream, so resulted OpenBSD packages are as close as possible
to the intent of original authors, but also there is less maintenance
work for further work on the port, when new upstream version is

I'm inlining the patch here for convenience, regenerated against
git commit 7b81e69:

$OpenBSD: patch-src_calcurse_h,v 1.2 2019/02/01 22:56:46 sthen Exp $

Fix date display in calendar, the %-* format string is a GNU libc
extension which is not supported by strftime(3) on OpenBSD.

Index: src/calcurse.h
--- src/calcurse.h.orig
+++ src/calcurse.h
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ enum datefmt {
     (datefmt == DATEFMT_YYYYMMDD ? _("yyyy/mm/dd") : _("yyyy-mm-dd"))))
 /* Day heading default format. */
-#define DAY_HEADING_DEFAULT "%B %-d, %Y"
+#define DAY_HEADING_DEFAULT "%B %d, %Y"
  * Calcurse representation of the date of a day in the calendar.

You may consider proper solution for this patch in your software, to
work nicely with OpenBSD, or above patch will be maintained for now.

Please CC me with any replies, as I have email delivery for the mailing
list disabled. Thanks.