Re: [misc] Searching in calcurse

Thanks for the replies.

--Marco, I am most concerned with the first character also so I will remember 
calcurse -Q --days 365 --search='hanksgiving'

Another thing I seemed to have forgotten is that calcurse is awesome in part 
because of its using standard tools and being easy to work with.
So I can simply do:
Calcurse Rules > cat ~/.calcurse/apts | grep -i thanks
11/23/2017 [1] >aef85e3a51b452a5d4d1cd2458236f1e7988dbdc Thanksgiving Day
11/22/2018 [1] >aef85e3a51b452a5d4d1cd2458236f1e7988dbdc Thanksgiving Day

Do you like my prompt? :)