Re: [misc] Searching in calcurse


On 11 Nov 16:37 Donnie Dauphin wrote:
> I'm trying to learn how to search my calendar in calcurse. I have not
> found anything from within the calendar.  What I have found is: 
> calcurse -Q --days 365 --search='Thanksgiving'
> So that works but I want to do case insensitive searches. The only
> thing I have found that works is:
> calcurse -Q --days 365 --search='[tT][hH][aA][nN][kK][sS]'
> A bit awkward for casual searching.  Am I missing something simpler?

Often I'm uncertain only about the first character's case, so

    calcurse -Q --days 365 --search='hanksgiving'

will work.  I don't know a direct answer to your question.