[misc] Searching in calcurse UPDATE


I'm trying to learn how to search my calendar in calcurse. I have not found 
anything from within the calendar.  What I have found is: 

calcurse -Q --days 365 --search='Thanksgiving'

So that works but I want to do case insensitive searches. The only thing I 
have found that works is:

calcurse -Q --days 365 --search='[tT][hH][aA][nN][kK][sS]'

A bit awkward for casual searching.  Am I missing something simpler?
I tried:
They returned nothing.

I modified args.c like 591 to be this:
if (regcomp(&reg, optarg, REG_EXTENDED|REG_ICASE))

**Thanks to JohnDoe2 and Ouims in the #regex chat room on freenode for the 
help with that.

Searches are now case insensitive, which works for me.

Longer term, I suspect I am just missing something?