Re: [misc] documentation

On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:24:18AM +0200, Marco van Hulten wrote:
> Right, but there is no 'q' description on the «Generic key bindings»
> page.  Moreover, if I go to key config, there is «generic-save = s S ^S»
> as well as «generic-quit = q Q».  So it's not clear to me what is
> supposed to be a generic and a non-generic key binding.

The terminology may be confusing. You may also come across commands or actions
bound to keys. Instead I like to think of "virtual keys". You can see a
complete list of virtual keys in the key configuration menu:

A virtual key is bound to one or more keyboard keys. The bindings may be
changed to your own taste in the key configuration menu if the defaults are
not to your liking.

The virtual keys (not the key bindings) are classified as generic or
non-generic. The classification has no programmatical impact and is for
informational purposes only. As explained in the "Generic key bindings"-text,
a generic virtual key is available in all three panels (calendar, appointments,
todos) with the same effect (example generic-next-day). A non-generic virtual
key may only be available in some of the panels or have different effect in
the panels (example move-right).

At least that was the intention, I believe. But it has not been strictly
adhered to, e.g. generic-select has no effect in any of the panels (only in
the configuration menus). However, it is of no consequences whatsoever for the
working of calcurse. So don't pay too much attention to it. Besides, some of
the help texts are fairly dated.

By the way, the virtual keys displayed in the status bar is also for
informational purposes only and have no effect on what actually works in that
panel or menu.

Lars Henriksen