[misc] documentation

Hi all–

This was originally a thread in bugs@ with subject «Allow using :x
instead of :wq», but this follow-up is more appropriate for misc@.

On 22 Oct 06:48 Lukas Fleischer wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2018 at 00:03:18, Lars Henriksen wrote:
> > I'm wondering why. The generic command (:) to me looks like a
> > deprecated interface that is neither documented nor maintained and
> > should be removed.  
> It is both documented and maintained. Press the help key binding for
> details.

I have some issues with calcurse help/documentation.

In one version (self-compiled) calcurse shows «Unable to find
documentation.» when pressing «?».  Possibly I did something wrong in
the ./configure phase.

In another version, I get the expected online help page.  There «:help
edit» works, as does «:help s».  However, when I type «:help q» I get a
section on «Generic key bindings» instead of on quitting the program.

When typing «:help :w», or «:help :q» or «:help quit» shows «Help topic
does not exist: ...».

Besides this help, there are the manual page and the HTML
documentation, both on https://calcurse.org/support/ .  In neither of
those resources the generic command (:) is documented as far as I can
see.  The HTML page is more exhaustive than the manual page.  I presume
that their contents are manually synchronised when there is an update
in one or the other.

Finally, I found the online help in the repository in doc/.  The
directories of different language code contain only English text, e.g.
«diff doc/pipe.txt doc/ru/pipe.txt» returns zero lines.  Is this work
to be done?