Re: [misc] Stepping backwards through panels

On 10/21/18 2:25 PM, Lukas Fleischer wrote:
I am not sure this is incredibly useful since we always only have three
windows to cycle through and pressing the tab key twice seems faster
than pressing two different keys. That being said, I am not opposed to
adding such a key binding if the patch/implementation is simple.


The code isn't really 'complex'; shift-tab is sent as an escape code like the arrow keys, and it just does the opposite of what tab currently does (slctd_win-- instead of slctd_win++).

I've gotten past the issue I was having yesterday trying to implement this (a macro was actually defined in ncurses, not in the calcurse codebase), and I think the code I have now *should* be enough to get shift-tab working, but it doesn't actually work - so this is a bit harder than I expected.

I'll keep working on it in my free time and if the final result is still a simple addition to the code I'll send it here.