Re: [misc] Stepping backwards through panels

Adding to my response,

Je Sun, 21 Oct 2018 11:43:29 +0200 skribis Marco:
> Shift-Tab as a reverse walk-through seems like a reasonable
> functionality, indeed for consistency with other programs.

but there are usually three panels.  I am used to pressing Tab, Tab
instead of Shift-Tab (not sure if it would be different if Shift-Tab
were bound).

No I come to think of it, could a more vi-like approach not be used for
switching panels?  In vim one uses Ctrl-W h,j,k,l to switch panels, but
this is quite long to type in my opinion.  tmux(1) doesn't help here
much either (e.g. 'o' for next pane conflicts with "Other commands").
In general, using prefix keys like Ctrl-W/B/A (vim/tmux/screen) is too
much of a hassle to type.

Maybe Tab is just fine.