Re: [misc] Stepping backwards through panels


Je Sun, 21 Oct 2018 02:34:36 -0400 skribis Subramaniyam:
> I recently started using Calcurse and it's awesome!

Agreed (with the second clause – the first one is a fact that probably
only you can verify).

> However, there is one minor UI annoyance that I find quite frustrating - 
> pressing Tab will walk forward through the panels (calendar, day, todo), 
> but pressing Shift-Tab won't walk through the panels in reverse. 
> Shift-tab seems to be a pretty universal shortcut in all the 
> applications I've encountered so far.
> I've started messing around with the codebase and think I'm most of the 
> way there in terms of implementing this, but can't figure out the final 
> 10%. I wanted to see whether this would be a wanted feature before 
> spending more time on it or asking for specific help.

Shift-Tab as a reverse walk-through seems like a reasonable
functionality, indeed for consistency with other programs.

Apropos, I'm not a main developer of calcurse; I think Lukas or Frédéric
decide in the end.