[misc] adding LOCATION to import


I'm looking into FR#1, specifically importing the LOCATION property of
iCalendar files to the (anonymous) note to the respective event,
together with DESCRIPTION which is already saved there.  I simply
thought of

    strcat(note_content, "\n")
    strcat(note_content, description_from_ical_event)

even though there are more sophisticated ideas floating around on misc@.

So, I thought to look in src/ical.c, and found ical_read_event().
Presuming that ical_read_note() would return the note content, I found
out it actually returns the filename (which appears a hash — neat as it
is unique and thus avoids duplicate notes).

Where in the code is the string after "SUMMARY:", "DESCRIPTION:" and so
on read?

vevent.note is the hash/filename of the note.  Is there a variable for the note's content?