Re: [misc] [PATCH] Support page scroll in the key configuration window.

On Sun, 12 Nov 2017 at 14:52:20, Lars Henriksen wrote:
> Add generic-scroll-up/down to key bindings in the key configuration
> window and implement support for them.
> Minor fixes in arrow key (up/down) scrolling.
> ---
> In calcurse, windows scrollling is done with the arrow keys up/down, or
> whichever keys are bound to the actions move-up/down. But calcurse also has
> the actions generic-scroll-up/down. They are only supported by the calendar
> and todo windows and really act as a toggle between two states; there is
> no difference between scrolling up and down.
> The key configuration window is by far the one with the most entries. If you
> look closely, you will notice that the scrolling is not quite accurate and
> different from the other windows with scrolling. It becomes more noticeable
> with compact panels enabled. The patch fixes this, but the major change is
> scrolling by page.

Your efforts are appreciated but I think this patch goes in a slightly
wrong direction. What we should really do is convert the key bindings
page into a proper list box, see custom_general_config() for what I
mean. It then makes sense to add page-wise scrolling to list boxes. The
current scrolling implementation has several other flaws (resize the
window in the key options page to see what I mean) and we would be much
better of implementing all the scrolling logic in a single place only.

> Maybe a new action, generic-toggle, should be introduced for the action in the
> calendar and todo windows?

Not sure. You are right that it is not exactly "page up" or "page down",
however, I think we should reuse key bindings where we can (and where it
makes sense), at least until the same key can be assigned to multiple