[bugs] Date of Week Shifting

I've found a problem with calcurse, where from October to November the
day of the week shifts by 1. What I mean by that is: when setting up a
recurring appointment or scrolling vertically through the calendar pane,
the day of the week will shift, making all appointments set that way off
by one day (Mon -> Tues for example). This is not isolated to 2019, as I
checked with October 2020 and the issue occurred again, shifting by yet
another day.

- I am using version 4.5.0
- It does not appear to happen on version 4.2.1 from the Ubuntu
- There is no noticable error output when this shift occurs
- I don't think there's anything specific that needs to be done to
  reproduce the bug, it would seem to be an issue with this specific

  Jason Blocklove