Re: [bugs] appointments on the day of setting the clock back from DST to standard time are off by 1 h

Hi Lars et al.—

Je Sat, 27 Oct 2018 15:45:00 +0200 skribis Marco:
> Moreover, when I have an appointment standing for tomorrow (when DST
> is set back to standard time), and I remove/cut it, and then paste it
> again, the new time is an hour earlier.  If I repeat this, another
> shift of -1h, and so on until the start time of the appointment is
> before 03:00 (when we are supposed to move the clock an hour back).
> As a consequence of this shifting, apparently apts got corrupted;
> when starting calcurse again I get:
>     │Please report the following bug:
>     │                           apoint.c: 229: date error in appointment

Sorry, I am not able to reproduce the invalid apts specification in
this manner.  I have this in the broken apts file (adjusted the apt

    10/28/2018 @ 02:59 -> 10/28/2018 @ 02:00|move clock one hour back

When calcurse is started with this in the apts file, it gives the above
error.  While I understand that it is producing the error, the apts
entry is actually possible (and I *did* produce it from within
calcurse — I just don't know how exactly).  Coincidentally, the start
and end time could be used for moving the clocks in you house an hour
back.  Well, OK, I would set the appointment from 3:00 to 2:01 (or 2:05
because some of my clocks are a hassle — see, 10 minutes lost every
year because of summer/winter time — not to mention the debugging of
this issue in calcurse! :-).

So then I wondered how software in general handles the fact that all
instances between 2:00 and 3:00 happen two times in this day.  I guess
the best is to save times in GMT and use timezone information from the