[bugs] appointments on the day of setting the clock back from DST to standard time are off by 1 h


Pasted appointments on the day that the clock is changed from daylight
saving time (DST, or summer time) to standard time (or winter time) are
presented an hour off.

Moreover, when I have an appointment standing for tomorrow (when DST
is set back to standard time), and I remove/cut it, and then paste it
again, the new time is an hour earlier.  If I repeat this, another
shift of -1h, and so on until the start time of the appointment is
before 03:00 (when we are supposed to move the clock an hour back).
As a consequence of this shifting, apparently apts got corrupted;
when starting calcurse again I get:

    │Please report the following bug:
    │                           apoint.c: 229: date error in appointment

I am in the timezone CEST, and we sadly have DST.  I am running
calcurse 4.3.0.