Re: [bugs] Allow using :x instead of :wq

On 10/22/18 12:48 AM, Lukas Fleischer wrote:
It seems like auto save is not working with :q --- we should either fix
or document that. To me, it seems like a good idea to be able to exit
*without* making changes, even if auto save is enabled (in case you
screwed up). Not sure whether having :q do that is the best idea,

Having :q not save before exiting got me a few times before I caught on. But since then I have intentionally used it a few times to exit without saving, and agree that it should be kept, even if not as :q.

I think copying Vim a bit more may effective here, and shouldn't be too complicated:
*  :q! quits without saving
*  :q says to use :q! or :wq instead if the file has been changed

- Sub