Re: [bugs] [PATCH] Scrollbar and right window border

On Fri, 08 Dec 2017 at 21:09:50, Lars Henriksen wrote:
> When a scrollbar is on display in APP or TOD windows, the right
> vertical border (outside the scrollbar) is not highlighted
> when the window is selected.
> The scrollbar itself is always highlighted:
> - when APP or TOD is deselected
> - in configuration windows where borders otherwise are not

Thanks! I like the idea behind this patch.

What I do not like is that the scroll bar of a non-highlighted panel
(which is black by default) now gets too much focus. Maybe we can
compensate for this by using bold mode or a different character when the
window is not active? Anyways, this should be done in a follow-up patch.

> The patch moves the scrollbar parameters from arguments of
> draw_scrollbar() to the function itself.
> The highlight argument to draw_scrollbar() was always 1.
> Instead call circumstances are figured out and highlight set
> accordingly.

If possible, I would like to keep the parameter and fix it in the caller
instead. The reason is that draw_scrollbar() should be part of a generic
framework to display scroll windows (easily reusable for additional
panels later). There should not be any logic specifically for the "main"
calcurse panels.

Do you think such a more generic approach would be feasible?

Best regards,