[announce] calcurse 4.4.0 released

calcurse 4.4.0 has just been released! It is available from the download
section of our website [1].

- Compatibility notes:

    * The -F option was renamed to -P; please use -P instead.

- New features:

    * Major overhaul of the input routines in interactive mode
      (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Support for separate data and configuration file directories
      (partly implemented by Quentin Hibon).

    * A --filter-invert option which inverts the other filter options
      (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Support for negative date ranges when using the -d command line

- New calcurse-caldav features:

    * The SyncFilter configuration option which allows for specifying
      the types of items synced from/to the server (implemented by
      Satvik Sharma).

    * Support for a CALCURSE_CALDAV_PASSWORD environment variable which
      can be used to pass a password securely from another program
      (implemented by Randy Ramos).

    * HTTP support (implemented by Dino Macri).

    * Authorization removed from debug logs by default.

- Bug fixes:

    * Fix for an appointment becoming an event when entering an invalid
      start time (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Fix for the deletion of a multi-day recurrent appointment
      (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Fixes for potential database inconsistencies caused by
      appointments which end before they begin (implemented by Lars

    * Several fixes dealing with DST (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Fixes for date range queries (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Fix for segmentation fault with recent ncurses implementations.

    * Fix for potential segmentation fault in mutex handling.

    * RFC5545-compliant DTSTART in iCal exports (patch by Quentin

    * Fix for not closing the stream after exporting iCal items (patch
      by crvs).

    * Fix for priority parsing in iCal imports (patch by dott).

    * Various improvements to the change detection and save conflict
      resolution code (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Several improvements to concurrency control (implemented by Lars

    * Various fixes to the scrollbar (implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Various potential buffer overflow fixes.

    * A more robust command line argument parser (implemented by Lars

    * Various improvements to the UTF-8 handling code (implemented by
      Lars Henriksen).

    * Several stability and portability fixes (partly provided by
      Mikolaj Kucharski).

    * Several stability fixes in the calcurse-caldav script.

Please report bugs to the bugs mailing list [2] or to the GitHub issue
tracker [3].

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/
[2] https://calcurse.org/support/#ml
[3] https://github.com/lfos/calcurse/issues