[announce] calcurse 4.3.0 released

calcurse 4.3.0 has just been released! It is available from the download
section of our website [1].

- Compatibility notes:

    * Month names and abbreviated day names now honor the locale setting
      (suggested and implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * The phase of moon feature was removed (suggested and implemented
      by Lars Henriksen).

- New features:

    * The selected day in the calendar now stands out (suggested and
      implemented by Lars Henriksen).

    * Both the position and the date format used for the heading in the
      appointments panel are configurable (suggested and implemented by
      Lars Henriksen).

    * Support for `CTRL-U` and `CTRL-G` in prompts (implemented by
      Quentin Hibon).

    * Support for using all keys recognized by ncurses, particularly
      UTF-8 keys, in key bindings (partly implemented by Lars

    * Support for `CALCURSE_EDITOR`, `CALCURSE_PAGER` and
      `CALCURSE_MERGETOOL` environment variables to override the default
      editor, pager and merge tool.

    * Several improvements to the reload and save routines. The save
      routine now detects external changes to the data files and no
      longer blindly overwrites data which was edited externally. In
      case of external changes, different options are offered, one of
      them being the execution of the merge tool to merge external
      changes and changes done from the running calcurse instance.  The
      reload routine also no longer performs a reload if both the
      external data files and the local data are unchanged.

    * Several improvements to the CalDAV synchronization script,
      including OAuth2 support and instructions on how to synchronize
      calcurse with Google Calendar (requested and implemented by Randy

    * Support for passing the password as a command-line argument to the
      CalDAV synchronization script (suggested by azarus and implemented
      by Randy Ramos).

    * A new utility, called `calcurse-dateutil`, which can be used to
      create "extended recurrent events" such as events occurring on the
      third Thursday of each month.

- Bug Fixes:

    * Gracefully parse iCal parameters with colons (reported by Hakan

    * Fixes to the notification feature affecting recurrent appointments
      (reported by rgc69).

    * Do not crash when changing colors (reported by Randy Ramos).

    * Build fix for NetBSD (reported by Thomas Klausner).

    * Avoid fatal error when using the help command (reported and fixed
      by Lars Henriksen).

    * Avoid empty warning box when key is already in use (reported and
      fixed by Lars Henriksen).

    * Several fixes to the calcurse-caldav synchronization script to
      allow for synchronizing with NextCloud servers (reported by
      Geoffroy Tremblay).

    * Proper support for punctual appointments starting at 00:00
      (reported by Maximiliano Redigonda).

    * Proper ISO 8601 week numbering (reported and fixed by Lars

    * The delete key no longer acts as backspace (reported by Zekario
      and fixed by cryptolmath).

    * Proper parsing of date-time strings (reported and fix suggested by
      Lars Henriksen).

Please report bugs to the bugs mailing list or to the GitHub issue

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/