[announce] calcurse 4.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of calcurse 4.1.0. It is
available from the download section of our website [1].

- New features:
  * Hook support: Run scripts before/after loading or saving items. This
    feature can be used to automatically make Git commits or synchronize
    with a server when the data files are written. Example hooks can be
    found in the calcurse source tree.

  * Experimental CalDAV support: The calcurse distribution tarball now
    includes an experimental script called calcurse-caldav that can be
    used to synchronize calcurse with your mobile devices or any other
    computer.  For details, please refer to contrib/caldav/README in the
    calcurse source tree.

  * Support for a filter mode -F that is identical to -G but writes the
    filtered items back to the calcurse data files instead of stdout.
    Can be used to remove certain items from a script. Use with care!

  * New long format specifiers "raw" and "hash".

  * A --daemon command line option to start calcurse in daemon mode.

  * A --quiet command line option to disable system dialogs.

  * Support for todo items with an undefined priority.

  * Support for durations when specifying recurrence end dates.

  * Support for decimal values when specifying durations.

  * Support for UTC times when importing iCal events.

  * Support for sending notifications for all appointments (both flagged
    and unflagged items).

  * The "Add Item" key binding now works from the calendar panel.

  * Week numbers in the monthly view (requested by Hakan Jerning).

- Bug fixes:
  * Fixes to the slice computation (reported by Hakan Jerning).

  * Various fixes to the iCal import and export functionality.

Please report bugs to the bugs mailing list at bugs at calcurse dot org.

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/