[announce] CalDAV support

Exciting news!

I just pushed a commit to the calcurse Git repository that adds
experimental CalDAV support. This means that you can now easily
synchronize your local calcurse instances with your Android/iOS devices
or other computers!

To test the new feature, you need an up-to-date clone of the calcurse
Git repository [1], rebuild calcurse and setup the calcurse-caldav
script. Please check [2] for instructions on how to configure the

As noted in the README, the script is alpha software! I have been using
it the past couple of days to synchronize my own appointments and
haven't noticed any issues. However, it is extremely important to have
more testers, in particular with different server software. Once the
script turns out to be fairly stable, I will tag a new release. So if
you decide to give it a try, please report success/failure on the
mailing lists.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it once again: Make backups! I tried
to write the script in a way that prevents data loss but one never

Best regards,

[1] git://git.calcurse.org/calcurse.git
[2] http://git.calcurse.org/calcurse.git/plain/contrib/caldav/README