[announce] calcurse 4.0.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of calcurse 4.0.0. It is
available from the download section of our website [1].

- New features:
  * Support for reloading appointments via a key binding and via SIGUSR1
    (thanks to Tim Hentenaar for submitting a patch).

  * The compact mode and default panel options are no longer hidden.

  * A powerful set of new command line options. The new main operations
    in non-interactive mode are --grep and --query. There are filter
    switches to restrict the set of items that are read from the
    appointments file. All old command line options are still supported
    for backwards compatibility.

  * Support for shorthands such as "tomorrow" or "monday" as date

  * Support for dates beyond 2038 on platforms with 64-bit time_t.

- Bug fixes:
  * Several fixes to the user interface.

  * Handle CRLF line endings in iCal files (reported by Hakan Jerning).

  * Gracefully handle all day events in iCal imports (reported by Jörn
    Tillmanns and by Hakan Jerning).

  * Retain comments in descriptions and configuration values (reported
    by Hakan Jerning).

  * Support all types of iCal durations (reported by Hakan Jerning).

Please report bugs to the bugs mailing list at bugs at calcurse dot org.

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/