[announce] calcurse 4.0.0-rc1 released

Time for another release! Although the number of commits since the last
minor release is fairly low, I decided to call the next version of
calcurse 4.0.0. The main reason is that we have a new command line
interface that is much more flexible than what we had before. There are
some backwards-incompatible changes but those are just corner cases
which are hopefully not being relied on anyway.

The two new main operations in non-interactive mode are:

(1) `calcurse -G`: a grep(1) equivalent for the appointments file
(2) `calcurse -Q`: query a date range for appointments or events

These modes can be combined with the so-called filter interface. Instead
of explaining what it does, let me show you some examples:

* `calcurse -Q --from tomorrow --to 2015-02-10`: Display all
  appointments starting after tomorrow and before 2015-02-10.

* `calcurse -Q --from tomorrow --days 3`: Same thing but with an
  implicit end date.

* `calcurse -Q --from tomorrow --days 3 --filter-type recur`: Same
  thing, but we are only interested in recurrent items this time.

* `calcurse -G --filter-type todo --filter-completed`: Display completed
  TODO items.

You can still use the "old" options as shorthands for the verbose
"modern" interface. Check the man page for a detailed description. Since
it is important that we do not break any existing scripts, voluntary
testers are welcome! You can find the tarball in the usual place [1].
Please report bugs and suggestions to the misc or bugs mailing list.


[1]  http://calcurse.org/files/calcurse-4.0.0-rc1.tar.gz