[announce] calcurse 3.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of calcurse 3.2.0. It is
available from the download section of our website [1].

- New features:
  * Support for punctual appointments (appointments without an ending

  * A --limit option which allows for limiting the number of
    appointments returned (thanks to William Pettersson for submitting a

  * Support for %(remaining) and %(duration) modifiers in format strings
    (thanks to William Pettersson for submitting a patch).

  * The online help system now uses the system pager (e.g. less(1)).

  * A new command prompt allows for browsing the help texts (type
    ":help" for more information).

  * Several general improvements to the user interface.

- Bug fixes:
  * Do not garble long notes (reported by Hakan Jerning).

  * Fix compilation under OS X (thanks to Jack Nagel for submitting a

  * Do not break the appointments file when importing an iCal file that
    contains an item with a newline in the summary (reported by Jonathan

Please report any bugs to the bugs mailing list at bugs at calcurse dot

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/