[announce] calcurse 3.0.0 released

calcurse 3.0.0 has been released! It is available from the download
section of our website [1].

- New features:
  * Full UTF-8 support.

  * Much more powerful formatting options for printing items in
    non-interactive mode. Format strings can be specified using
    "--format-apt", "--format-event", "--format-recur-apt" and

  * Support for vim-style count prefixes for displacement keys.

  * Powerful duration strings: Allows using extended duration strings,
    such as "+3:10" or "+1d20h5m".

  * A feature that allows piping items to external commands.

  * New key bindings to jump to the previous/next month/year.

  * A new configuration file format. `calcurse-upgrade` can be used to
    convert existing configuration files.

  * Several performance improvements.

  * Notes are now stored using hash-based file names which results in
    lower disk space usage.

  * A test suite that can be used to test the core functionality of

  * "-D" and "-c" can now be used simultaneously, whereby "-c" has
    precedence over "-D".

  * A "--read-only" command line option to discard all changes to data

- Bug fixes:
  * Do not hardcode paths to the default editor/pager. Rely on the
    "$PATH" variable instead.

  * Update the number of todo items when importing an iCal file to
    prevent some items from being inaccessible.

  * Fix a segmentation fault when importing iCal data (reported by
    Andraz Levstik).

  * Format the "DURATION" field properly on iCal export. Use
    days/hours/minutes/seconds instead of seconds (reported and fixed by
    Jerome Pinot).

  * Do not localize dates in pcal exports (reported by Baptiste Jonglez).

- Translation:
  * Portuguese translation (provided by Rafael Ferreira).

  * 100% complete French, German and Russian translations.

Note to packagers: You should probably add a post-upgrade message
pointing out that each user needs to run `calcurse-upgrade` before
running `calcurse` this time. calcurse shows a warning if it detects an
obsolete configuration file, but it's always better to inform the
administrator when the actual upgrade is performed.

Special thanks fly out to Baptiste Jonglez, who has helped a lot during
development and testing!

Please report any bugs to the bugs mailing list at bugs at calcurse dot

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/