[announce] calcurse 2.9.2 released

Second maintenance release before we hit the big 3.0.0!

- Bugfixes:
  * Handle iCal line folding correctly.

  * Introduce a configure option to completely exclude the documentation
    subdirectory from the build process ("--disable-docs").

Note for packagers: The "--without-asciidoc" configure option has been
split into two separate options to make things clearer and allow for
including documentation without actually rebuilding it. "--disable-docs"
can be used if you do not want to include documentation at all,
"--without-asciidoc" can be used to skip documentation generation and
use prebuilt documentation from the release tarball.

`./configure --enable-docs --without-asciidoc` should be perfectly fine
for most users.

You fetch the source tarball from the download section of our official
website [1]. Please report any bugs to bugs at calcurse dot org.

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/