[announce] calcurse 2.9.1 released

A first maintenance release for 2.9.0 is available! You can get it from
the download section of our website [1].

- Bugfixes:
  * Keep the order of events across restarts (reported by Alan).

  * Fix the build process when disabling documentation generation.

  * Avoid flickering on window resize.

  * Avoid a segfault when resizing the calcurse window.

  * Add missing documentation for the "backword-kill-word" line editing

  * Honor the "TMPDIR" environment variable instead of using hardcoded
    paths for temporary files (reported by Erik Saule).

  * Fix pager invocation when showing the log file during an import
    (reported by Andraz Levstik).

  * Accept resource parameters in iCal import. Accept additional
    parameters such as language parameters (reported by Andraz Levstik).

  * Sync the notification item after editing or pasting an appointment.
    This ensures the information in the notification bar as well as the
    countdown for the notification daemon are always up-to-date
    (reported by Andraz Levstik).

  * Fix recurrent appointment notification.

  * Fix flagging of regular appointments.

  * Fix sort order when using command line options to display upcoming
    appointments and events (reported by Erik Saule).

Please report any bugs to the bugs mailing list at bugs at calcurse dot
org. There will be at least one more maintenance release before 3.0.0 is
going to be released. misc at calcurse dot org should be used for
general questions and discussion.

Many thanks to all who reported bugs, sent patches or suggestions and
made this release possible!

[1] http://calcurse.org/downloads/